Career Services

At Capability Trust, we understand that the modern workplace is characterized by evolving roles, shifting responsibilities, and organizational realignments. While these changes can be challenging and stressful, they also offer exciting opportunities for personal growth and career development. Our Career Support Services are designed to empower you for success in the next phase of your professional journey, whether it’s within your current organization or in a new one.

Our comprehensive Career Support Services offer a variety of practical solutions to help you navigate the emotions associated with career transitions and acquire essential skills for your new path. These services can be customized as a complete package or as individual offerings to meet your specific needs.

What’s Included?

  • CV Clinic & Interview Preparation
  • Competency Development – Assessments and Development Plans
  • Career Coaching

Career Counseling – Identifying My Skills and Creating a Plan: Uncovering your next step is both an exciting and challenging aspect of any career. We provide the tools, skills, and resources needed to help you achieve your professional and personal objectives.

Résumé and Cover Letter Writing: A compelling, attention-grabbing résumé is vital for success. We guide you in crafting a résumé and cover letter that create a powerful first impression.

Interview Preparation and Follow-up: Thorough preparation is key to a successful interview. We assist you in researching a role and an organization, and in aligning your skills with the employer’s requirements to showcase your compatibility.

Building Your Personal and Professional Network: We support you in developing relationship-building skills and understanding the significance of networking in attaining career and personal goals.

Career Coaching: Our coaching sessions address your development needs, ensuring you receive personalized guidance throughout your career journey.