We specialize in bringing innovative world class training programs and thought leaders to local markets. Our blended learning programs are a great combination of taught classroom sessions and online learning to complement the sessions. We have Management and Soft Skills programs that can help you improve the performance of your employees.

Our philosophy for developing a learning program is

  • Creating clear objectives that meet participant needs.
  • Meeting the unique goals and expectations of the learners.
  • Providing a safe training environment for engaging learners while using collaborative participant interaction and healthy debate of differing ideas and perspectives.
  • Leveraging the varied backgrounds and wealth of experiences of learners enabling them to be resources to one another.
  • Tackling subjects, which are practical, relevant, and immediately applicable in the work place to improve results.
Learning Delivery

Our programs are offered in a variety of formats, all designed to meet your organizational needs.

In-Person instructor led sessions offered at your workplace, organizational conferences or retreats or wherever you need us to be. These sessions vary in length from one-day to a three full days and are highly interactive.

Virtual Seminars or Workshops (Webinars). These sessions allow your employees from various teams, various locations, or different countries to participate in training at the same time.

Blended Learning some of our programs combine in-person workshops or webinars with telephonic group coaching. This approach is designed to create multiple touch points over time for learners as they go in-depth into an area of learning

Online Learning - Capability+,
A rapid and complete e-learning solutions and Learning Management System to engage and develop your talent, Learners can gain real world skills today, learning can take place anywhere anytime on any device. Log on to our online learning site to sign up for an online course

Schedule a consultation appointment with our Learning Experts so we can determine what your company needs. We also have open public session of all our programs see Capability Trust Learning Catalogue for details