Leadership Development

Developing leaders for succession management.

Leaders have a significant impact on Organizational Culture and Employee Engagement and this significantly determines business Results. Yet too often people are appointed to be leaders - usually because they did a particular job well - without being systematically taught how to develop into effective leaders. This is the challenge our Leadership Development Programs aim to address.

Our approach to Leadership Development

  • Define – Leadership Competencies and Behaviors
  • Assess - Leadership 360’s, Upward Feedback, Leadership Inventories
  • Align – Outcomes, Business Strategy and Learning
  • Challenge – Apply to Real business issues
  • Support – Coaching, Mentoring and Traction Clinics

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Leadership Development Programs
  • The Engaged and Effective Leader: Develops High Potential Talent through 12 weekly blended learning events to expand their leadership knowledge and skills.
  • The Engaged and Emerging Leader: Develops key talent new to leadership roles through 8 weekly blended learning events to learn new skills and behaviors for leaders

All our Leadership Development programs may be customized to meet your unique organizational needs.