HR Advisory

We bring organizations up to speed with what the law requires when managing their people. Up-to-date and well thought through Employment Contracts, Job Descriptions, HR Policy & Procedures could save money and management time when complex staffing issues come up. We can help to develop new or review existing essential employee and HR related documents, tailored to the specific needs of the organization.

Our Documents and Policies have simple clear terms that are easy to understand by all. We reflect the organization’s culture  - documents are developed uniquely for each client firm, and we equip clients to update and maintain them without needing to come back to us all the time.

Our Approach

  • One on one meetings with Key Staff and Project Team
  • Review of all existing documents and strategic plans
  • Development of draft documents
  • Benchmarking with top industry players
  • Review by Key Executives and Project Team
  • Debriefs for HR and Executive Team on materials developed and its application
  • We will conduct Training of Trainers for cascading Documents and Policies
  • Deployment of Policies and Systems
  • Evaluation and Post Deployment Monitoring

We can do this on a project by project basis or through a retainer agreement for regular support to your HR Department

Talk to our HR experts today on how we can support you in managing your people